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Implementing Authority Administration of Kaisiadoriai District Municipality
Partnership form Public-Private Partnership
Duration 15 years (2 years for design and construction; 13 years for services)
Value 8 119 358 EUR, including VAT (Net Present Value)
Private investment 5 114 654 EUR, including VAT (In Real Value)
Partner selection form Negotiated Procedure with Publication of a Contract Notice
Private partner
Contract signature date -
The date of full entry into force of the contract
Transmitted activities Modernization of Kaišiadorys Hospital building - design, construction and installation works, maintenance of modernized infrastructure.

The project aims to modernize the building of Kaišiadorys Hospital (total area 8,466.06 sq. m.), located at Berzyno str. 27, Kaisiadorys. The building has 6 floors. During the execution of the works, the hospital building will be transferred to a private partner on a loan basis, and the land plot (total area 5,556 ha) located in Berzyno str. 27, Kaišsadorys, will be transferred to lease. The private partner will be responsible for:

• Design (preparation of technical documentation for building modernization).

• Expertise of the construction project, if necessary.

• Constraction to ensure that the energy performance class of the building is at least „C“ (installation of energy saving measures; modernization of electricity, plumbing and ventilation systems).

• Interior finishing works.

• Maintenance of a modernized building, including modernized elements (walls and plinths of external buildings, roof, window and glass blocks, exterior doors, heating and engineering systems, ventilation and recuperation systems, electrical installation, plumbing and sewerage systems).

• Maintenance of heating and hot water systems.

• Monitoring of heat consumption and maintenance of indoor microclimate conditions and installation and ensuring the functioning of the control system.

• Renovation and repair work on the building throughout the PPP contract period. 

Area: Health infrastructure


Current situation

  • On 5 May 2023 public procurement documents were announced. Public procurement notice
  • On 29 April 2022 Central Project Management Agency evaluated socio-economic benefits of the partnership project.
  • In 2022 the investment project was prepared.


Last updated: 30 01 2024