Modernisation of the street and road infrastructure of the Kaisiadoriai District Municipality through private partnership


Stage: 3. Tender process
Implementing Authority Administration of Kaisiadoriai District Municipality
Partnership form Public-Private Partnership
Duration 17 years (3 year - for design and construction; 14 years for services)
Value 7 710 376 Eur (inc. VAT) Net Present Value
Private investment 5 650 686 Eur (inc. VAT) real value
Partner selection form Negotiated Procedure with Publication of a Contract Notice
Private partner
Contract signature date -
The date of full entry into force of the contract
Transmitted activities Design, construction and maintenance

Design and construction of streets (~11,494 km.), new pedestrian and bicycle paths (~1,770 km.), street lighting in Kaisiadoriai district (asphalting, installation of road and sidewalk curbs, installation of concrete pavements, installation of bicycle paths, installation of rainwater systems, installation of lighting poles with control cabinets) and maintenance.

Area: Roads, bridges, tunnels, parking and other infrastructure of road transporte


Current situation

  • On 14 May 2024 public procurement documents were announced (announcement)
  • On 22 June 2022 Central Project Management Agency evaluated socio-economic benefits of the partnership project.
  • In 2022 the investment project was prepared.


Last updated: 15 05 2024