Implementation of Molėtai district sports infrastructure and swimming pool complex investment project by concession

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Stage: 4. Project implementation
Implementing Authority Moletai District Municipality Administration
Partnership form Concession
Duration 15 years
Value 6 077 093 Eur (excluding VAT) (In Real Value)
Private investment 2 500 000 Eur (excluding VAT) (In Real Value)
Partner selection form Koncesijos konkursas
Private partner UAB „Fomtex“ and UAB "Molėtų baseinas"
Contract signature date 2023 10 05
The date of full entry into force of the contract 2023-12-15
Transmitted activities Swimming pool building installation work, pool building and tennis courts management and maintenance, performance of commercial activities

The project aims to give the right to a private partner (concessionaire) to do the Moletai District Physical Culture and Sports Center, located at Ąžuolų str. 10, Molėtai, installation work, as well as to grant the right to maintain, manage, rent, provide non-formal education services, organize events and carry out other commercial activities in the swimming pool and adjacent tennis courts.

Area: Culture, sports, leisure facilities


Current situation

  • Summary PPP Risk Assessement for inclusion in the national financial statement can be found here. (95.7 KB )
  • On 5 October 2023 a contract was concluded.
  • On 27 of October 2022 Moletai district municipality published procurement documents (announcement).
  • On 29 of March 2022 Central Project Management Agency evaluated socio-economic benefits of the partnership project.
  • In 2021 the investment project was prepared.


Last updated: 09 02 2024