Project of installation of holiday camp in Klaipėda City


Implementation: Project implementation
Executor The Administration of Klaipėda City Municipality
Partnership form Concession
Duration 6 years
Value 26 000 EUR
Transmitted activities
Partner selection form Open Procedure
Private partner
Contract signature date 2016 01 08
Private investment
Project manager

To develop public tourism infrastructure by creating better conditions for active recreation and promoting incoming and local tourism. The project also seeks to increase the variety and availability of tourism products and public services and develop complexity by setting up and performing activity in the holiday camp. The project is aimed at meeting the quality requirements of a 4-star holiday camp on the seaside in Klaipėda.


About the project

Summary PPP Risk Assessment for inclusion in the national financial statement can be found here (285.8 KB ).


Last updated: 24 09 2019