Project of management and use of Raseiniai racecourse

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Implementation: Project implementation
Executor The Administration of Raseiniai District Municipality
Partnership form Concession
Duration Up to 15 years
Value 300 000 EUR
Transmitted activities
Partner selection form
Private partner
Contract signature date 2016 03 29
Private investment
Project manager

After implementation of the project “Raseiniai Racecourse Reconstruction” the Raseiniai racecourse was renovated, i.e. it was reconstructed to a racecourse suitable for organizing flat horse racing according the requirements for the category I rececources with additional infrastructure for the development of a public tourism infrastructure and services. The concessionaire will have to ensure provision of such services as horse riding lessons, horse care, maintenance and training, provision of services for horse owners and jockeys, other services.


About the project

Summary PPP Risk Assessment for inclusion in the national financial statement can be found here (198.5 KB ).


Last updated: 08 10 2019