Project of The Ministry of National Defense – Vilnius district

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Implementation: Atrankos procedūrų vykdymas
Executor The Ministry of National Defense
Partnership form Public-Private Partnership
Duration 15 years
Value -
Transmitted activities Design, construction and provision of services
Partner selection form Negotiated Procedure with Publication of a Contract Notice
Private partner -
Contract signature date -
Private investment EUR 42,49 million (incl. VAT) (Capex)
Project manager Plk. ltn. Virginijus Kleponis, e-mail


About the project

Activity delegated to a private entity: construction; design (infrastructure design and other necessary engineer services); services (cleaning and waste management in the territory and premises, administration and maintenance of the developed infrastructure, maintenance of engineer systems and networks).

Maximal area of building / lot  ~ 25 000 m2 / 17 ha.

The PPP contract will be signed for a period of 15 years, including around 2,5 years for developing the infrastructure and the remaining 12,5 years for operating it. 

The private investor or investors will invest their own financial resources into the military infrastructure and will take on the construction and infrastructure operation risks.

More information about the project:



Current situation

  • On september 2019 completed evaluation of the application, initial proposals from candidates expected.
  • On 5 March  2019  the Ministry of National Defence published procurement documents (announcement)
  • On 21 January  2019  the Ministry of National Defence held the second round of public presentation and discussion for interested business representatives concerning procurement documents (public presentation (1.5 MB ))
  • On 18 December  2018  the Ministry of National Defence published procurement documents for comments and suggestions. More information:
  • On 27 November 2018, The Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved the decision that the project will be implemented as the Public-Private Partnership
  • On 31 October 2018 the Ministry of National Defence represented their project (1.7 MB ) in Central Project Management Agency event
  • On  26 September 2018 Central Project Management Agency evaluated socio-economic benefits of the partnership project
  • On 2018 the investment project was prepared


Last updated: 21 04 2020